About Us

hakkimizdaOZA Coffe was founded on March 28, 1984 by Ergun OZA. OZA Coffee’s first workshop was an area of 15 square meters in the year of establishment. One coffe roaster machine that was freehand and one coffee grinder existed in this workshop. Paper bags were being used. Oza Coffee was producing its product and serving people under hard conditions.

Oza Coffe englarged its workshop area to 30 square meters from 15 square meters with self denying works. One more coffee grinder was bought so two coffee grinders existed and instead of paper bag. OZA Coffee had continued to work with this system for three years, and after that building’s area was englarged to 70 square meters.

In addition to this new building, it was going on to serve the domestic market with a factory conveyor system, four coffee grinders and coffee roaster machine, wich has a 30 kg. capacity. OZA Coffee started to serve with a fully automated packaging system more modern and more practical system in 1992.

As a result, supply and demand started to exceed our expectations, we started to reap the rewards by starting to export to the LONDON (UK) market.

Manufacturing plant was started to enlarge because of increasing demand for OZA Coffee and rising the level of work. In 1995 OZA Coffee laid the foundation of factory, that is serving now, after 11 years of the date of the first production.

Commenced a building on the facility, which was laid on the foundation, as 1300 square meters covered area on the 2000 square meters land. Front offices, board rooms and dining hall, which are the antacid and antibacterial apoxy seam filling, which are the requirements of ISO 9001:2008-ISO22000:2005. Production and stock facilities consists of 1000 standarts. Which enabiling us to a daily capacity (8hours) of 3500 kg. per day.

OZA Coffee manufactures its products and serves people under hygienic conditions and automation system which are acceptable to EU standarts, in this facility.

Development and Enterpreneurship Award in 2010 was given to Turkish Coffee producer UMUT OZA, the director of Ergun Oza Kahve Ltd., by Junion Chamber International (JCI).

Our Mission

OZA Coffee, that was founded on March 28, 1984 by Ergun OZA and was transformed into 2000 square meter gigantic factory from 15 square meter workshop, is an example of struggle, determination and effort. We have maintained a superior palate taste to all in CYPRUS since 2009. Our Coffee, which was producer under hygienic conditions and automation that are acceptable to EU standarts, continues to export to England. It has the standarts required to open all its doow around the world in the next 10 years. We are ready to show our OZA Coffee, which is the FIRST with its taste, the ONE with its quality, all the world soon. Our mission is to share OZA Coffee’s taste all the world, which gives people pleasure and satisfaction, we continue to maintain a high level of service.

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Kıbrıs Kahvesi

Kıbrıs kahvesi denildiğinde Mağusa'nın bir kahve markası olan Oza Kahve, farklı lezzeti ve sunumuyla sizlere güzel bir deneyim yaşatıyor.

KKTC Kahvesi

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